Antarctic research :

Outside Far Away, our singer and guitarist Flo is a scientist specialized in the Antarctic climate evolution. The aim of his work is to model precipitation over Antarctica using remote sensing data and in situ data obtained from field campaigns as validating data. Modeling the precipitation over the whole south polar continent provides a better knowledge of the surface mass balance (gains and loses of ice), and this knowledge is essential to predict the evolution of the ice-cap for the future decades.

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Sea Shepherd :

Far Away supports the Sea Shepherd actions. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is a non-profit, marine conservation organization. Sea Shepherd uses direct action tactics to protect marine life. The organization was founded in 1977 under the nameSea Shepherd 01.jpg Earth Force Society by Paul Watson, a former member of Greenpeace, after a dispute with that organization over what Watson saw as its lack of more aggressive intervention.

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The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) is an international and interdisciplinary organization for undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, early faculty members, educators and others with interests in Polar Regions and the wider cryosphere.APECS 01.jpg

One of the APECS’s goals is to create a network of polar researchers across disciplines and national boundaries to meet, share ideas and experiences, and develop new research directions and collaborations

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